Learn More About Our Organization’s Sponsorship Program

Fundraising and Scholarship Program

How We Fund the Organization

We rely on the generosity of our donors, sponsors, and business partners to raise funds for the program. Using the funds received, we are able to provide scholarships for the participants.

What We Do

We equip underemployed individuals with marketable skills to empower them to attain financial and economic stability. Our recruiting efforts focus on individuals desiring to establish themselves as entrepreneurs.

We know that when people are financially stable, they are able to participate more effectively in the economy, and when businesses have access to a qualified, professional, and reliable workforce, they are better able to successfully compete in a thriving economy.


What We Provide

Simply put, TheMatic’s mission is to equip individuals with marketable skills or resources to create and grow a thriving business. Leveraging our partnership with local businesses, we promote education, internship and mentoring opportunities for qualified participants.

We partner with businesses and other like-minded organizations to identify individuals who are coachable and have the capacity to learn and implement new skills. Our goal of developing a professional workforce is fueled by our desire to help promote financial stability within families and the communities where they live. 

For others, we offer training and education in entrepreneurship. We help individuals identify their area of interest, passion and purpose, and equip them with the knowledge to become entrepreneurs and business owners.

How We Do It

Our training programs are innovative, collaborative, and delivered through virtual learning platforms. They are instructor-led, either face to face, online, and/or a combination of the delivery platforms. We conduct the training over a period of weeks via classrooms, individual workshops, seminars, and webinars.

Our flagship courses, "Fit For Finance" and "Employee or Entrepreneur" are courses that teach financial concepts and business basics. These courses include workbook exercises and case studies. All of our trainings are conducted by industry professionals and subject matter experts and are delivered in small group settings to maximize the learning experience.

Your Donation Will Go a Long Way!

With the funds raised, we will be able to help students change their economic future by providing them with training materials, laptop computers and subsidize their tuition and licensing. We will also host graduations and the meet-and-mingle events with local business owners.

The program is fully supported by your generous donations and contributions. Every dollar raised goes directly to support program costs, including tuition, laptop computers, study material, books, software licenses, instructor costs, etc. So whether you’re able to give $1,000 or $100,000, your contribution will be going a long way towards helping these deserving participants become financially stable.


Check Out Our Awesome Perks

We are offering exclusive perks to those who generously donate to our campaign.

Title Sponsor - $25,000
  • Title Sponsor recognition on all press releases and visual promotions
  • 2 Title Tables with seating for 20 guests
  • Full page color ad – outside back cover
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  • Sponsor plaque/gift
Platinum Sponsor - $10,000
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Gold Sponsor - $5,000
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Silver Sponsor - $1,000
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