Founder and Executive Director of Thematic Learning Organization

Sharon is the founder of Thematic Learning Organization (TLO) and managing principal at SDG Business Consulting and Financial Services (SDG) and oversees the day to day operation and delivery of all financial services. Sharon is also co-founder of My Next Chapter, an educational and vocational training program for former foster youth and young adults.

TLO’s primary focus is equipping individuals with a marketable skill and qualifying them for gainful employment. For those who want to forge their own path, TLO offers resources and support to help them transition from employee to entrepreneur.

In addition to our vocational programs we are financial literacy advocates and teach individuals how money works and help them implement strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Throughout her career, Sharon has worked with some of the nation’s largest financial institutions and nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, community and religious organizations. She has conducted internal control seminars, co-hosted webcasts on bank secrecy and the USA PATRIOT Act, enterprise risk management and cash controls. Sharon co-authored white papers on bank regulatory challenges, BASEL III, fraud prevention and is a featured author in The Virtuity Edge from ordinary to extraordinary by Hanna Liza Horenstein.

Sharon is a certified risk manager, certified fiduciary and investment risk specialist and certified tax preparer. She is also a licensed life and health insurance broker and QuickBooks ProAdvisor.