Our Training Programs on Financial Literacy, investing, Technology and Entrepreneurship


Training Courses

The objective of Thematic Learning Organization’s courses is to stamp out financial illiteracy by teaching financial concepts, practical application, and personal development.

Course Framework

  • Length of Session: Can range from 1 to 2.5 hours
  • Prerequisites: Participants will need access to a laptop or tablet during class and access to computers to complete homework during the week
  • Frequency: Weekly, usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays – (except holidays)
  • Sessions may include homework assignments 

Courses Offered

Financial Literacy

Program Summary

This class is designed to teach our students how to build a solid financial foundation. Students will learn the basics of financial management, including developing a budget, tracking spending, and saving. Topics include:

  • Understanding cash flow
  • Developing a budget and spending plan
  • How to keep track of your money 
  • Managing debt
  • Understanding Credit, the good the bad and the ugly
  • Building your net worth
  • Preparing for the unexpected, why you need short-term and long-term savings
  • Future investments and estate planning
  • How to use life insurance to protect the family and build a legacy
Employee or Entrepreneur

The objective of this course to help students put their interests, passion, or purpose to work for them. We are helping to build entrepreneurs the right way. Topics covered will include:

  • What's your skillset
  • From idea to entrepreneur, how to get started
  • Creating a business plan
  • Choosing the right legal structure
  • How do corporations work
  • How to form your corporation
  • Opening a business bank account
  • Getting the right licenses, permits, insurance
  • Taxes, taxes, taxes
  • Why every business needs the fab five: accountant, attorney, tax strategist, financial advisor, real estate broker
  • Diversification in business
  • Risk management
  • Options
High Yield Investing Education Program

Our high yield investing education programs teaches participants different ways to earn a higher rate of return on their investment dollars. Based on your risk tolerance you are able to pick and choose which investment types work best for you. Examples are:
● IUL (index universal life), is not your traditional life insurance plan. This insurance has an investment grade cash accumulation feature that offers flexibility.
● Precious Metals have stood the test of time as it has historically provided value during economic turmoil. You will have access to purchase and hold physical bullion as a way to protect and preserve your wealth.
● E-commerce has transformed the way we shop. You will have the ability to learn and have access to turnkey business models with e-commerce automation.
● Quantum Technology meets cryptocurrency. You'll be introduced to a fintech company that utilizes quantum technology to produce high rates of returns. This company trades in the cryptocurrency market using its patented technology.
● The stock market has historically provided opportunities to build wealth. We'll introduce you to the world of ETFs and REITs.

A Career in Real Estate

A real estate career offers independence, flexible work hours, and lucrative pay. A real estate agent is a licensed professional who arranges real estate transactions by putting buyers and sellers together and acting as their representative in negotiations. A real estate agent must be affiliated with a real estate broker, who is more experienced and licensed to a higher degree, and who will oversee your transactions to ensure legal and ethical compliance.
The coursework may include:
• Real Estate Principles and Practices
• Real Estate Appraisal
• Property Management
• Real Estate Finance
• Real Estate Economics
• Legal Aspects of Real Estate
• Real Estate Office Administration
• General Accounting
• Business Law
• Escrows
• Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
• Computer Applications in Real Estate
• Common Interest Developments

Career Readiness

Our Career Readiness course is designed to prepare individuals with the ability to demonstrate core competencies that broadly prepare them for success in the workplace. The course focuses on the development of an individual’s ability to ensure their successful entrance into the workforce.

Course includes:
• Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
• Oral/Written Communications
• Teamwork/Collaboration
• Leadership
• Professionalism/Work Ethic
• Career Management

Bookkeeping 360

The objective of “Bookkeeping 360” course is to teach individuals general bookkeeping skills within the following topics:

• Budgeting
• Business transactions vs personal transactions
• What accounts do you need to track
• The difference between assets, liabilities, and owner’s equities
• How to categorize and enter data
• Different bookkeeping systems ( manual vs automated)
• Creating financial statements (income, cash flow, balance sheet)
• Payroll

Working with 21st Century Technology

Many people describe 21st Century technology as challenging, helpful, confusing, inspiring, mind boggling, invasive, brilliant, intuitive, a rabbit-hole. The reality is, no matter how one feels about it – technology is found in just about every aspect in our lives. Our cars, homes, Dr. visits, order groceries, our government, hospitals, courts, and on… With that, it is clear that technology is here to stay, and in order for one to be actively employed, or successfully run a business one does not need be an expert, but they must be proficient.
This course will introduce individuals to the varied methods, systems, devices and groups of technologies that are employed in a business environment, their utilization, how they fit together to allow you to be knowledgeable and skilled. and how they are ever evolving. This will also include an overview discussion on what types of hardware and/or systems will support, run and maintain businesses today.

Topics will include;
• Systems – What are the requirements?
• Connectivity - Wireless, Bluetooth, Fiber Optics, Cable
• The Cloud – universal storage, Google Drive, Drop Box
• Video Teleconferencing – Zoom, MS Teams, and others
• Communicating - Instant Messaging
• 3-D Printing
• Social Media
• Productivity Software
• Genetics, Nanotechnology, and Robotics (GNR)
• Mobile Operating Systems
• Terminology
• The latest from the technology zone – the next generation.

Communication (Personal vs Professional)

Personal vs Business Communication - While it is important to have effective personal communication, it is more important to have effective business communication. One of the largest differences between personal and business communication is that business communication usually is more formal and there is usually a much larger audience. People do not normally practice speaking before talking with a spouse, friends, or family, but they do, often practice speaking prior to conducting business with customers and business associates.
In business individuals need to know when to listen, when to talk, and how to share ideas effectively. Clear and concise communication states exactly how, who, what, and when and serves to guide, direct, protect, persuade, and to inform. Communication is essential for decreasing miscommunications and for increasing productivity, motivation, and efficiency. When someone uses effective communication, he or she is more apt to have favorable results and his or her requests will become granted more often.
This course will include the following areas of focus from a Business and Personal perspective:
• The big picture of when it comes to communication -Business vs Personal
• The four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
• The four basic communication styles: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive.
• Emotional Intelligence
• Understanding Communication barriers
• Paraverbal Communication Skills
• Listening Skills
• Non-Verbal Communication


Workshops Offered

Fit For Finance Workshops

Program Summary

These workshops are designed to teach our students basic financial concepts and how money works. Our focus is on our youths and young adults, from middle school to college age students. We believe if our youth understand how to use money they can improve the financial well being of themselves, their families, and of the communities they live in. 

Topics include:

  • Developing a wealth building mindset
  • Saving for a car, a place to live
  • Creating a spending and savings plan
  • Understanding how to control debt
  • Investing 101
  • College, career and entrepreneurship
  • A Healthy you, get fit stay fit
Entrepreneurship - Achieve Your Dreams

This workshop is designed to teach you about business opportunities, ownership, risks and rewards. Topics include

• The mindset of an Entrepreneur
• Types of entrepreneurial opportunities
• The five types of business opportunities
• What you need to know before you start
• Doing business in a digital world
• What goes in a business plan
• What’s the right business structure for your business
• What you don’t know about taxes and bookkeeping could hurt you
• Having the right support, the Fab 5
• Inspect what you expect, monitoring your business activities

Investing Basics

This workshop is packed with a ton of information . From novice to savvy investor, you'll learn the basics of trading, analysis and profit taking in world of investing. Topics will include:
● The language of investing
● Understanding the stock market, the major indexes and its function
● Identifying your personal risk tolerance
● How to setup a trading account
● Identifying the sectors and industries that make up the market
● Learning the different investing styles and types of results
● Developing the skill set to research using fundamental analysis
● Learning how to read data in real time with technical analysis
● Alternative investments i.e. precious metals, e-commerce and cryptocurrencies

Career Readiness - Preparing for your Future

Career Readiness - Preparing For Your Future:
Participants will learn about the California Career Zone website and how it can assist them in being Career Ready. This platform provides the tools to match a participant's interests and skills to career opportunities and is designed to help participants explore, plan and prepare for a career of their interest.