An Organization Offering Training and education in Financial Literacy, Investing and Entrepreneurial Skills

Who We Are

Thematic Learning Organization is a nonprofit organization located in South Pasadena, California. Thematic was formed in 2014 by women who saw a need to bridge the gap between the underemployed and business owners who lacked skilled professional staff. Over the years the organization has expanded to include financial literacy education and has partnered with community leaders, professional athletes, and business owners to heighten awareness around how money works and the importance of building a solid financial foundation.


Mission Statement

It is our mission to equip individuals including our youth with the knowledge and opportunities to achieve financial stability while also empowering them to be a positive influence in their respective communities. 

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to change the hearts and minds of individuals who have been taught to be consumers rather than wealth and legacy builders. We educate people on all aspects of money, how to make it and how to make it work for them. We also provide them a platform to develop and grow their personal and professional skills . 

Our goal is to open learning centers in every community and teach financial responsibility, accountability and independence. 

Whether through our financial literacy workshops, our employee to entrepreneur training, or our fit for finance programs, people will learn financial concepts that were not taught in most schools, churches or homes.

Our trainings are delivered in a variety of ways, from classrooms, face to face, video conferencing, and/or hybrid workshops.

All our trainings are conducted by industry professionals and subject matter experts and are designed to maximize the learning experience.

Who We Serve

When we started, our primary goal was to provide education and training to mature women and veterans desiring to reenter the workforce. Due to the growing demand for our services, we've expanded to include people of all ages and background.

We identify candidates through referrals, relationships, and partnerships with local businesses, public and private schools, faith based and community organizations. We also identify potential candidates from the general public through a variety of media outlets including print and social media.


Giving Back

As part of our community service initiative, we offer a variety of classes and workshops for our youth, senior citizens and everyone in between. The classes are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere where we incorporate common language, hands-on training, and an abundance of patience. Our goal is to ensure each participant receives the attention they need in a non‑intimidating environment.


Sharon Griffin, Founder Executive Director

Sharon is the founder of TheMatic Learning Organization and managing principal at SDG Business Consulting and Financial Services (SDG) and oversees the delivery of financial literacy education, business support and risk management services.

SDG's primary focus is teaching individuals how money works and helping them implement strategies to achieve their family and business financial goals. SDG also helps people transition from employee to entrepreneur. Leveraging the business incubator model, we provide resources and support to help individuals from start up through succession planning and everything in between. Whether it's business formation, insurance, tax preparation, retirement planning or wealth management, SDG is committed to providing high quality, personalized services that meets her clients unique needs.

Sharon is also a financial advisor teaching financial literacy to individuals, corporations, public and private agencies, and students. Sharon has conducted internal control seminars, co-hosted webcasts on bank secrecy and the USA PATRIOT Act, enterprise risk management, and cash controls. Sharon co-authored white papers on bank regulatory challenges, BASEL III, fraud prevention and is a featured author in The Virtuity Edge from ordinary to extraordinary by Hanna Liza Horenstein.

Sharon is a certified risk manager, certified fiduciary and investment risk specialist, certified tax preparer. She is also a licensed life and health insurance broker, registered representative and QuickBooks ProAdvisor.




Attila Morgan Program Director

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Attila Morgan is a licensed financial literacy advocate with a passion for helping people access the truth and tools they need to enhance their finances and create a better future for themselves. She is equipped with sound consulting principles and well-validated techniques which produces amazing results.

Attila has dedicated nearly three decades of her life in the financial services industry; connecting with people and providing a safe place for them to attain their financial goals. With Virtuity Financial Partners, an organization dedicated to providing the tools and guidance needed to help clients to make sound financial choices, her goal is to help individuals and families build and maintain a strong financial foundation. As someone with strong leadership, motivational and communication skills, Attila is known to be a community-oriented visionary with a heart for our youth and young adults.

She is the founder and lead visionary of a financial literacy program called, Fit For Finance, a community platform where teens and young adults can gain the financial knowledge they need as they transition to the next phases of their life. Fit For Finance, is taught at middle and high schools, colleges, universities, churches, community youth groups and organizations. She currently serves as the Director of Programs for Thematic Learning Organization (TLO) whose focus is to offer financial education to the community and has partnered with community leaders, professional athletes and business owners to heighten awareness around how money works and the importance of building a solid financial foundation. 

Angelika Henry

Angelika Henry Chief Technology Officer

Angelika Henry is a highly successful Consultant in designing and delivering education to individuals, large and small companies and or the trades in a manner that is not only effective but results in high independent outcomes. She is focused on promoting knowledge and understanding through customized education. With an objective to develop partnerships in the eLearning and online course ecosystem.

Angelika’s experiences are distinct, she is Certified by the State of California to teach within the K12, Adult and College systems. She also holds a Masters of Science in Education from Purdue University with a focus on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and is a college Adjunct Professor at a number of local California Colleges since 1998. Obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Management, and a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems – from the University of Phoenix, she has taught many Business and Technology courses face-to-face, online, and hybrid at local Community Colleges, but in several California University’s including California Baptist University, Cal Poly Pomona, and Charles Drew University.

As a Distance Learning expert for over 10 years with Blackboard Inc, Angelika has aided hundreds of Individuals, Companies, Corporations, Countries, Court Systems, the US Military, Colleges and Universities in the integrations and configurations of their back-end computer systems encompassing standards, protocols and permissions. Then with a focus on the end users, (front-facing) develop partnerships with; Instructional Designers, Administration, Faculty, Facilitators and/or Trainers to design, implement and deploy student centered learning.

Additional experiences with corporate and enterprise coalitions (Kaiser Permanente, Longs Drugs, LA County) provided additional perspective on not only meeting corporate goals for training, but success strategies with smaller scaled interactive trainings. Thematic Learning Organization in which she is the CIO is dedicated to meeting the specific learning needs of individuals engaged in any required learning.

Angelika’s passion is to assure that no matter the topic, it is important that the Education/Training that one experiences should not just tick off the bullet points of knowledge to be learned, but that the teaching, curriculum, and delivery modality meets the students’ learning needs.