Program Director of Thematic Learning Organization

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Attila Morgan is a licensed financial literacy advocate with a passion for helping people access the truth and tools they need to enhance their finances and create a better future for themselves. She is equipped with sound consulting principles and well-validated techniques which produces amazing results.

Attila has dedicated nearly three decades of her life in the financial services industry; connecting with people and providing a safe place for them to attain their financial goals. With Virtuity Financial Partners, an organization dedicated to providing the tools and guidance needed to help clients to make sound financial choices, her goal is to help individuals and families build and maintain a strong financial foundation. As someone with strong leadership, motivational and communication skills, Attila is known to be a community-oriented visionary with a heart for our youth and young adults.

She is the founder and lead visionary of a financial literacy program called, Fit For Finance, a community platform where teens and young adults can gain the financial knowledge they need as they transition to the next phases of their life. Fit For Finance, is taught at middle and high schools, colleges, universities, churches, community youth groups and organizations. She currently serves as the Director of Programs for Thematic Learning Organization (TLO) whose focus is to offer financial education to the community and has partnered with community leaders, professional athletes and business owners to heighten awareness around how money works and the importance of building a solid financial foundation.